About Bon Tyche
about Bon Tyche
Established in 1994, Bon Tyche(read taiki) is a professional fabrics mill, and an exporter in Taiwan.
We produce both woven and knitted fabrics with shipments covering USA., Canada, EEC, South America, Australia, China, and South East Asian countries.
With our strong R&D of yarn and finish, we launch new fabrics almost every month to cope with the faster and faster change of the fashion industry in the world.
We vertically integrate garment productions to offer a total solution to our customers from 2003.

Major Products
Performance Woven
Performance Woven
for sports and active wears
This category covers mostly poly, recycled PET, Nylon, and other man-made fibers woven fabrics in the forms of filament micro fiber, or staple yarn, with or without spandex. We apply functional finishes like water repellent, DWR, waterproof, bonding(with,our without membrane), coating, anti bacteria, UV protection, etc. to make them multi-functional for outdoor and active wears like jackets, track suits, rain wears, wind breakers, board shorts, etc.
Performance Knits
Performance Knits
for active, sports, and Yoga wears, etc.
Performance knitted fabrics are mainly for sports and active wears. Polyester , Nylon, rayon, Recycled PET, or other ECO friendly materials in micro fiber filament yarn, or staple yarn, with or without spandex. Since they are mostly for under layers, moisture management is somehow needed. Anti-bacteria, UV protection, far infrared, and etc. are also to be applied by customers on demand to make them versatile for active wears.
Major Products 2
Fancy Fabrics
Fancy Knits
for casual and daily wears
This category covers all fabrics mainly for daily fancy wears. We develop various knitting like jacquard, jersey, ponte roma, rachelle knits, etc. with fancy or regular yarns. Fancy finishes are also applied depend on the outlook customers required, like fancy prints, burnt out, foil print, spread dyed, etc.
Garments & Apparels
women's and men's knit wears, sports wears, yoga wears, etc.
We produce garments according to our clients' styling, size specs, and specific fabrics for a integrated total solution. Bon Tyche takes care everything from fabrics and trims into ready made garments door to door to clients' warehouses. Our garment production are mainly in Vietnam, China and Taiwan.